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Ya-hooo! Mountain Dew made a limited release malt flavored soda named Johnson City Gold and we got our hands on some. The name comes from the city where Mountain Dew was born, Johnson City, Tennessee. It is non-alcoholic and meant to be enjoyed by Dew fans of all ages. It definitely has a unique flavor. more »

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Mtn Dew, A Southern Tradition

On a recent shopping excursion we ran across a southern tradition, Mountain Dew. We know it’s a southern tradition because it said so right on the label and since we’re from the south, we bought some. Mtn Dew is now 65 years old and released a limited run of glass bottled dew to celebrate. Here’s more »

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Call of Duty MW3

Cole and I went and stood in line for the midnight release of Call or Duty Modern Warfare 3. We opted to do our line standing at Walmart since Best Buy was going to make us stand in the 40° rain. We had our games, Mountain Dews, and Doritos and were back home playing at more »

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Gold Top Mountain Dew

A while back I discovered ‘Gold Top’ Mountain Dew cans when we were riding with our friends from Iowa. They said that the Mountain Dew there has the gold tops and it tastes a lot better. Well, we found some while we were shopping and we just couldn’t help ourselves. These particular cans also had more »

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Livewire via UPS

Come to find out Mountain Dew Livewire isn’t sold everywhere. Lucky for us it is still readily available here in Lawrence; not so lucky for Cole because it isn’t sold anywhere close to him. We decided on shipping some to him so that he could enjoy a kick of orange soda. As you can see, more »

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the new, and older looking, throwback

For some reason Mountain Dew is giving their Throwback another chance and this time I believe they are doing it right. Their first attempt was a brief stay in mid-2009 that was more fun than enjoyable. For this revival they decided to change the recipe by adding some more caffeine and extra orange juice for more »

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