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duct tape iphone case

Cole had a little mishap with his iphone while we were on our trip to Georgia. It fell off the tailgate and shattered the back glass. Since there is no Apple Store in the middle of Georgia we had to improvise. We found a nice roll of camo duct tape and got to work. It more »

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Emergency Snow Route

It seems like we won’t get to use these this year… Not that we sit around hoping for snow or anything, we’re definitely enjoying this wonderful winter. It’s suppose to be 70 degrees and sunny tomorrow. It’s going to be great! Don’t bother calling, we’ll be outside playing with the beagle…

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Star Wars Pancakes

This weekend we took a little trip over to Williams-Sonoma in Leawood at Town Center Plaza. While we were there we ran across a bunch of Star Wars stuff. Elyse loves to have pancakes every once in a while so we picked up a set of Star Wars pancake molds. We are excited to use more »

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hangin’ out

Chita is so happy to have her Uncle Cole living here. He plays with her, walks her, and even lets her lay in his bed. She is supposed to stay on her blue towel, but usually tries to sneak up and lay on the pillows! So cute!

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iPhone 4S

We are now officially a family of iPhones. When Apple released the all new iPhone 4S we decided it was time to upgrade. Cole got a Black 64GB, I got a White 32GB, and Elyse got (her first ever iPhone) a Black 16GB. Siri is our new friend and is already making our lives a more »

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