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Happy Easter

We got this great can of goodies for Easter from Madelyn. It was filled with popcorn, pretzels, and candies, which we devoured pretty fast. Hope you all had a good Easter, too!

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V-day 2012

These are the cards we got each other for Valentine’s Day this year. (Notice that the one I got Elyse is at least twice as big as a normal card.) I ran across Elyse’s while shopping one day and thought she’d love the cute little puppy and she found me an awesome Pepé Le Pew more »

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Christmas in Florida

While we were home for Christmas we got to see our wonderful Smith and St.John friends. Rusty, the McKinnon’s dog, was especially excited to have the gang back together. We had a movie night and it was just like old times (except for missing Mr. Z)! We got to see our nephews. We saw some more »

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Christmas Party

My work Christmas party was at the Barrel House again this year. We had a good time and really enjoyed the girl on piano/mic; she is an awesome singer who could really belt it out! A couple people even requested rap songs and she could actually hold her own rapping, too. Cole came to the more »

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Lazy Thanksgiving

Chris, Cole, and I had a lazy Thanksgiving. We slept in, had some breakfast for lunch, and watched football. We whipped up a simple Thanksgiving meal in the late afternoon. Cole made the mac-n-cheese; mmm, my favorite!

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exactly one month ago

Well, exactly one month ago today it was Christmas day. Chris and I spent the night Christmas Eve at Kurt and Madelyn’s house and woke up and spent Christmas morning with them. Here is Chita “opening” her stocking from her Grandma Madelyn. Here she is with the stuff from her stocking. She got some tasty more »

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