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F-150 SuperCrew

Well, we sold my truck. I really loved that truck but we decided it was time to change it up. We haven’t replaced it with another vehicle yet, but for now Chris is making some changes to our white F-150 for me. Bye-bye beautiful blue truck; I will miss you!

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Christmas in Florida

While we were home for Christmas we got to see our wonderful Smith and St.John friends. Rusty, the McKinnon’s dog, was especially excited to have the gang back together. We had a movie night and it was just like old times (except for missing Mr. Z)! We got to see our nephews. We saw some more »

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Winter Bike Night

In the summer we started going to bike night in Lawrence. We would all meet up for dinner and then go for a ride. Now it’s too cold to ride, but some of us have still been meeting to hang out. Here we are with Jared, Kylee, and Kim. Good times!

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Motorcycle Trailer (3 of 3)

Before getting too far along, we measured for our Pit Bull motorcycle restraints and wheel chocks that we had already ordered. We had to figure out all the spacing but we finally got it and pre-drilled everything. Next, we painted the floor and the walls. We used Rust-Oleum’s 2-part Epoxy Shield on the floor (the more »

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Pit Bull Rear Stand

We all got Pit Bull rear stands for our motorcycles from They are great to use when cleaning your rims or chain because you can just spin the wheel as you clean rather than actually having to move the bike while cleaning. We will also be using them when we store our bikes for more »

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Christmas Party

My work Christmas party was at the Barrel House again this year. We had a good time and really enjoyed the girl on piano/mic; she is an awesome singer who could really belt it out! A couple people even requested rap songs and she could actually hold her own rapping, too. Cole came to the more »

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