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Nitto Trail Grapplers

After I got the new rims and tires we took the truck out on the trail to try them out. They worked well and look great too, even after they got a little dirty!

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Kansas City T-Bones

For my work’s summer party this year we all went to a Kansas City T-Bones baseball game. We all ate BBQ before the game and sat in a block of seats together. It was a fun time, although much better after the sun went down since it was a hot day.

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a dog’s life

Chita loves hanging out with her Uncle Cole. Usually they play very rambunctiously and Chita sounds pretty vicious; looks like by the time this picture was taken he had worn her out! Earlier that day Chita had her friend Kona over to play. They chased each other all around the yard and Kona got freaked more »

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the fourth, the family

While we were in Florida for the 4th of July, we got to do lots of fun things, the best of which was hanging out with our families and friends! As you’ll see in the slide show, we loved getting some boat time with wake boarding, tubing with the cousins, and watching Dad and Josh more »

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Mom+Dad in Kansas 2012

Around Mother’s Day, Mom and Dad came to Kansas to visit. We had a great time while they were here! We went to Bass Pro Shops and Cabelas and also got in some good frisbee golf time. For Mother’s Day we took Mom on a canoe trip down the Kansas River. We were curious if more »

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chita and the boys

While our friend was out of town we helped watch his Rottweilers for a few days. Chita has known these guys since they were puppies. She wasn’t sure what to think of them when they were tiny, and it looks like she is still keeping her eye on them!

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