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1 month

Today was our one month anniversary! I decided to make a special little cake for us to have when Elyse got home from work. It was a double decker, funfetti on top with chocolate on the bottom, covered in chocolate icing. When Elyse got home form work I showed her the cake and she loved more »

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First Southern

When Elyse and I came on our house hunting trip we tried out First Baptist Church here in Lawrence but we didn’t know until we got there that it was an American Baptist church. It was fine, it was just a little different than what we were use to. Later on in our trip we more »

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46 inches

Whoop! Yesterday and today we put some of our gift cards to good use. We got went to Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, and Walmart. We got a bunch of organizational stuff to help us keep things in order. The best purchase of the day was our new TV! We got a 46″ Sony Bravia more »

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deplane, unload, unpack

This was the big moving day; for Elyse and I… not our stuff. We headed to the airport for our flight that was scheduled for 5:40p. However, there was a crazy storm in Tampa that delayed our flight 2 hours. We got there fine later that night and stayed in a hotel in Lawrence. Is this more »

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Pack and Load

Yesterday and today the moving company came and loaded us all up. First, they loaded everything at Elyse’s house. Then they came to my office where it took them the rest of the day to finish there. This morning that came by my house to finish up. The crazy part was that the driver of more »

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Welcome to our blog!

We are so excited to have you. We figured that this is a good way for you all to stay updated on what’s going on with us. We like knowing that you visited, so please leave some comments. Thanks so much for stopping by, we hope you enjoy it.

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